Ray’s Well is an ongoing project, disseminating research about hot springs, starting with hot springs in western Canada.  The project stems from research I  conducted regarding the mythology of the “sacred well” in various cultures around the world.  Hot springs in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon are the closest I have come  in my research so far towards finding the equivalent of the sacred well in a Canadian context.  Without a comprehensive written history of hot springs in Canada, I draw on my practice as a sound artist to publish this information in a creative and accessible way by incorporating archival research, field recordings, sound sketches, visual music/compositions, and interviews.  My research continues with visits to various hot springs as well as the archives of local, community museums.  I also welcome and encourage submissions from others with similar information and/or documentation about hot springs around the world.
–Raylene Campbell

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  1. Thank you Raylene!!!! This site and map you have put together is a dream and very much appreciated. I love visiting natural pools and have been to some you have listed, but always keep my ear to the ground to find new places to explore. I’ve bookmarked your page with hopes to visit a whole lot more. Great work 🙂

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