Dewar Creek Hot Springs

This was an adventure that I will never forget. In 2014, my guide, Jason from GOT-Adventure put me on horseback and led me through some pretty rough terrain into the middle of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy. He did a great job of making sure that I was safe, but let me experience the challenge to the fullest extent. Jason is very knowledgeable of the area and he had plenty of advice and information to give about the hot springs.

Above is a video of the hot springs runoff area, located down river from the natural pools. You’ll notice the steam coming off the ground. Although it was somewhat overcast the day of the ride in, the temperature was over 30 degrees celsius. This gives you an idea of just how hot the springs are.

It takes a bit of work at the hot pools to regulate the water temperature–you direct the flow of the hot spring and cold spring water to create the desired temperature for soaking. You do this by placing stones in front of the cold and hot spring water that is running down the mountain; you utilize these stones in the same way you would use faucets. This takes a bit of time to prepare. Even once you are soaking in the pools, it is important to constantly swirl the water around, otherwise the very hot water floats on top and the cold settles to the bottom. If you aren’t paying attention you can burn your skin from the hot water settling on top of the pool.

I would love to take this trip again with some good friends and camp overnight. According to Jason, these pools are best experience under the stars with a good bottle of wine.

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