Manitou Beach


I visited Manitou Springs Hotel & Mineral Spa at Manitou Beach in July 2015. When speaking with staff, I discovered there is no source spring; rather, the water is pumped in from the salt water lake. Although, technically, this is not a hot spring or mineral spring, I’ve included it in Ray’s Well because of the community’s history and their promotion of the water’s alleged healing properties.

The history presented at the resort hotel is reference from a book titled “Prairie Reflections”. Further history can be found in the community’s tourism website: Mineral Spa and Community (read the “Brief History of Manitou Beach” PDF, referenced from the book “Lake of Healing Waters”). I have not read the books mentioned above or completed any archival research.

There are signs at the pool advising people to not swallow the water. This is difficult to do. The little bit of water that did touch my mouth tasted very bitter. I also found the pool surfaces to be slippery and, in general, it smelled a bit of bacteria. Despite my skepticism in the healing powers of these waters, I overheard many comments from other visitors of the resort relating to their beliefs in the healing waters, including several Indigenous folks who were attending a conference. Of note, there are several potash mines in the area.

With respect the hotel itself, I was disappointed by the service I received and today, while searching the internet, I found some interesting information about the owner.