Lussier Hot Springs

Lussier, or Whiteswan Lake, Hot Springs are partially developed hot springs that are a favourite destination for many people. These hot springs are fairly remote and although the logging road up to the site is fairly smooth, it is very narrow at times. As you can see by one of the photos, in some spots there is only enough room for one vehicle to pass. The site has a parking lot, out houses where you can change, and a fully developed path down to the river. This makes for very easy access for people of all ages and walking abilities.

The hot springs pools themselves are right a the river’s edge. The heat of each pool varies depending on how much of the cold river water is directed into it. This site is very well maintained and it can get quite crowded due to its popularity. The hot springs are a short drive from Whiteswan Lake campground, about an hour drive south from Fairmont Hot Springs, and a half hour drive south from Dutch Creek Hoodoos.

When I visited in 2014, I did the hike around Dutch Creek Hoodoos, spent the afternoon at Lussier Hot Springs, and then cooled off at Windemere Lake.

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