Halfway River Hot Springs

Halfway River Hot Springs is a favourite of the local folks living in the Nakusp area. These are undeveloped hot springs in a very remote location, north of Nakusp, BC and a bit south from Halcyon Hot Springs. From the main highway, you drive eleven to twelve kilometres up a very rough logging road. I highly recommend four-wheel drive, but for those with good winter driving skills, you could make it up without. When I drove up in 2014, I definitely had to go slow as some of the ruts in the road were very deep and take you by surprise.

Also…there is wildlife, so caution is recommended. It took me about 45 minutes to drive up from the highway. Once you arrive at the marker, you can park your car at the side of the road and take the steep hike down the mountain to the river where the hot springs pools are located.

When I arrived, there were a group of campers leaving. This appears to be a good location for a casual party on a Saturday evening. I wasn’t very impressed with the amount of garbage left behind, but when I spoke with locals in Nakusp, they mentioned that whenever they go they take garbage bags with them and clean up the site. So, if you go, do your duty and clean up after yourselves. This is a natural environment–keep it beautiful!

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